Behind the taste of MINOKICHI

As Kyoto is far from the Ocean, MINOKICHI has continued to prepare fresh water fish dishes over generations, but has kept its originality and delicate Kyoto like taste by using fresh water fish from the famed Biwa lake and Kamo river. With that stated, in the case of TAKESHIGERO, it has incorporated the best of freshwater dishes in each Kyo-Kaiseki course.
Enjoy the various characteristics and flavours in each dish from every season. Every new day strengthens the meaning of our motto “The heart itself is worth more than a thousand words…”

Spring dish (example)
Seasonal boiled dishes and spring a la carte

Summer dish (example)
Conger filet (aka.Pike eel)

Autumn dish (example)
Assorted trio bowl set (Turtle tofu, Kanoko bream (aka. Snapper), Steamed ginkgo nuts

Winter dish (example)
Bream turnip and sliced Yuzu (Japanese citrus lime)

*The pictures shown above are images. Actual content may vary depending on stock.

TAKESHIGERO  ( traditional Kyoto Cuisine restaurant )
MUSLIM FRIENDLY MENU  ( Our Restaurant can prepare beef and chicken )
Healthy KAN-CHA Tea  ( Good for the body & soul )