爽軽茶 (SO-KEi-CHA)

Hydrate your body when dieting
Oolong tea, Du Zhong tea (Eucommia herb),
May flower pulp, Lotus, Mulberry and Rose leaves
A oolong and Eucommia herb tea base,
blended with 6 different leaves.
Sooth your spirits with the subtle, delicate rose aroma.


Warm up your body and soul
Black tea, Shiso (Perilla or Japanese basil), Rose,
Chinese wolfberry, Safflower
A black tea base with rose, boxthorn fruit,
safflower and Japanese basil leaves.
Drink it hot and warm up your body and soul.

美麗茶 (BI-REI-CHA)

For those with sensitive skin
Chameleon plant tea, Green tea, Bamboo grass, Rose,
Jujube (Chinese date) and lily
This blend is includes Chameleon plant that was traditionally used as medicinal herbs in the past.
Chameleon plant and Green tea leaves are the main composition of this blend which makes it easy to drink and delicious!

TAKESHIGERO  ( traditional Kyoto Cuisine restaurant )
MUSLIM FRIENDLY MENU  ( Our Restaurant can prepare beef and chicken )
Healthy KAN-CHA Tea  ( Good for the body & soul )